National webinar lecture series

Six days National Level Webinar Lecture series on “Research Methodology & Techniques” from Monday, 15th February 2021 to Saturday, 20th February 2021.

The college invited experienced and knowledgeable Resource Persons from various parts of the country.In the first day, there was an inaugural session, which started with introduction of the theme of the Webinar by Dr Geetanjali Achrekar Associate Professor Department of Economics and Co-coordinator of this webinar series, followed by a prayer by our student Ms. Disha Kurtikar. Principal Dr. P.M. Bhende welcomed all the participants and resource persons and highlighted the importance of learning research methods and techniques for pursuing research and Ph.D. The resource person on the inaugural day was Dr. Jaydipkumar Choudhari, Professor and Dean Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. The topic of the session was Research Paper Writing. Dr Jaydip started his session by highlighting the fact that research is a creation of knowledge and it is a careful investigation or enquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. He further said that “Researchers publish their work in Research papers in order to tell other researchers what they have observed”. He explained the steps involved in research writing. Research should be carefully planned and structure of a research should follow IMRD approach or Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion. The session ended by answering doubts of participants and a vote of thanks.

The second day i.e. Tuesday, 16/02/2021, started with a welcome note by Dr. M.M. Chikodikar, Vice-Principal, who also moderated the session. After the formal introduction of the Resource person Dr. R.G. Ratnawat, Director, Atharva Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, the Webinar session began on the topic “Literature Review and Questionnaire Design”. Dr. R.G. Ratnawat started by simplifying what is a literature review. He said that literature review should add some new knowledge to the existing literature, it should be conducted at all stages, of a research. He said one must select the most relevant paper, see all references of that paper, this becomes the base paper of research. Review of literature is built on the base paper and papers should be chronologically, thematically or objective wise arranged. The second part of the session was how to design Questionnaire. Dr. Ratnawat said a Researcher should know the target respondents, frame the questions based on the research objectives, with clear wordings and minimum number of

words. He stressed that one should avoid leading questions loaded questions, technically high jargon etc. Questions should start with simple questions and then difficult ones. Title, objectives, should relate logically. The webinar session was very lively with a lot of questions from participants. The session concluded with a vote of thanks.

On the third day i.e. Wednesday, 17/02/2021, there was a session on “Measurement Scaling & Scale Evolution by Dr. Manish Sidhpuria., Prof. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. He was introduced by Dr. C.N. Phadte, Associate Professor in Mathematics & Statistics, who acted as moderator of the session. Dr. Manish took the following topics in the session. “Measurement & Scaling”, primary scales of measurement, comparative scaling, Non-comparative scaling, scale evaluation. The resource person through various illustrations made the session very interesting. He explained the four primary scales measurement i.e. nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio and explained the logic of using different scales. The session was very interactive and ended with a vote of thanks by the moderator.

On the fourth day i.e. Thursday 18/02/2021, there was a session on ‘Hypothesis Testing”. The resource person of this session was Dr. Dhaval Maheta, Assistant Professor, Veer Narmad, South Gujarat University, Surat. Associate Professor in Commerce, Dr. P.U. Rane was moderator of the session. Dr. Rane welcomed the participants and introduced the resource person. Dr. Dhaval started his session by asking very fundamental questions like what is truth. What is the quality of false. He very lucidly explained the concepts of mean, Std. deviation, Normal distribution, type 1 and type 2 errors in testing of hypothesis. He explained the criteria of using parametric & Non-parametric tests. The session had questions from participants and ended with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Rane.

On the fifth day i.e. Friday, 19/02/2021, Dr. Dhaval continued with parametric, non-parametric testing by showing it on the software SPSS. The hands on training was useful to participants. This session was moderated by Associate Professor in Commerce Mrs. Sarvesha Dhaimodkar. The session was interactive and ended on a vote of thanks.

On the last day i.e. Saturday, 20/02/2021, Dr. Priya Deshpande, Associate Professor in Maths & Statistics, NCMR Pune, gave a very informative talk on Research Ethics, Plagiarism and Referencing Software. She covered topics like responsible publication, responsible mentoring, social responsibility, nondiscrimination, legality and the like.

She introduced the use & practice of Latex software and how it is useful in formatting of text. The moderator of this session was Shri. Samir Patil, Assistant Professor, Dept. of BCA. The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks.

The National Webinar Coordinator was Shri. Samir Patil and technical support was provided by Mrs. Sonali Naik, the Lab technician. The webinar was successful as the feedback from 36 participants across Goa Colleges and all India colleges was positive.