1. Every student should behave with discipline and must reflect a sense of responsibility within and outside the College campus.
  2. Each student shall be bound by all the rules and regulations made by the College.
  3. Academic misconduct as well as behavioral misconduct is strictly prohibited and any student indulging in the same shall face strict disciplinary action.
  4. No book from the library will be issued without the Library Card and the Identity Card.
  5. Each student should wear the Identity Card round the neck while on the campus and should produce it when demanded by authority.
  6. Any student found misbehaving on the campus or behaving arrogantly, violently towards the faculty, staff or fellow students will be liable for disciplinary action and shall be severally punished.
  7. No student is allowed to paste, stick or put any notices, brochures, posters etc. on the notice board, walls, staircases etc. of the College without the prior permission from the concerned authority.
  8. No student or group of students can form any club, association etc. or organize event, activity etc. or collect any funds or subscription without prior permission of the Principal.
  9. Carrying any valuables, or expensive mobiles, vehicles etc. on the College campus will be at the risk of the students and the College authority will not accept any responsibility of any loss or damages of such valuables of the campus.