Institutional Innovation Council

Under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) Government of India. Institutional Innovation Council has been set up by the college. The college is instrumental in fostering entrepreneurial culture amongst the students, thereby making them develop creativity & contribute towards innovative ideas with an emphasis as creation of new ventures leading to a fruitful contribution for the betterment of society. With the prime objective of inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship, the IIC organizes varied activities like expert talks, workshops, field trips, guest lectures and ideas generation competition etc.
The IIC composition is as Follows:

Sr. No.Name of Member Member Type (Teaching/Nonteaching /Student/External Expert)Key Role/ Position assigned in IIC
 1. Dr. Smita S. SanzgiriTeachingPresident
 2. Dr. M. M. ChikodikarTeachingVice President
 3. Mrs. Ana FalleiroTeachingConvenor
 4. Prof. (Dr.) P. M. BhendeExternal Expert
 5. Shri. Manoj GaonkarExternal Expert
 6. Shri. Nitin KunkoliencarExternal Expert
 7. Dr. Madanant NaikTeachingStart-up Activity   Co-ordinator
 8. Dr. P. U. RaneTeachingNIRF Co-ordinator & Innovation Ambassador
 9. Dr. Geetanjali AchrekarTeachingInternship activity co-ordinator & Innovation ambassador
 10. Ms. Padma ShanbhagTeachingARIIA Co-ordinator
 11. Dr. Sulaxana VernekarTeachingInnovation Ambassador

                                                                                                                        Contd.… 2/-

— 2–

 12. Shri. P. G. DandinTeachingMember
 13. Mrs. Betty D’SilvaTeachingMember
 14. Dr. Vinaya GadTeachingMember
 15. Mrs. Vedita A. KenyTeachingMember
 16. Mrs. Supriya DessaiTeachingMember
 17. Ms. Neha ParabTeachingMember
 18. Shri. Chandan BorkerNon-TeachingMember
 19. Mrs. Sharad SamantNon-TeachingMember
 20. Shri. Akshay  KapdiNon-TeachingMember
 21. Mrs. Sonali  NaikNon-TeachingMember
 22. Shri. Saidatt KamatAlumni Member
 23. Students’ Member30 students