Accession NoTitleAuthorClass No.
18393The Ascent Of Money: A Financial History Of The World Ferguson, Niall332.49 FER/ASC
21184101 Ways to Positive Thinking Bhalla, Prem P.158.1 BHA/101
21191The Art of Seduction: 24 Laws of Persuasion Greene, Robert306.7 GRE/THE
21345Warren Buffet Kahate, AtulM 920 KAH/WAR
21532The Art of Living : Vipassana Medittation Hart, William294.3443 HAR/ART
21539Do the Work Pressfield Steven153.8 PRE/DO
21987On the Art of Reading Quiller - Couch Arthur028.3 QUI/ART
22096The Concise Mastery Greene, Robert158 GRE/CON
22097Eat that frog!: 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less timeTracy, Brian650.11 TRA/EAT
22102The Marshmallow Test : Understanding self control & how to master it Mischel, Walter155.25 MIS/MAR
22164The Three Box Solution : A strategy For Leading Innovation Govindarajan , Vijay658.409 GOV/THR
22165Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a world that can' t stop talking Cain , Susan155.232 CAI/QUI
22231How to read a book: The classic guide to intelligent readings Adler, Mortimer801.95 ADL/HOW
22330We Can do it: Thoughts for change Kalam, A. P. J. Abdul609.54 KAL/WE
22470The Complete Murphy's Law : A definitive Collection Bloch, Arthur818.5407 BLO/COM
23345How Sindhis do business Paiso Bathija, Maya338.70954 BAT/HOW
23351The introverted leader: Building on your quiet strength Kahnweiler, Jennifer155.232 KAH/INT
23374So good they can't ignore you: Why skills trumps passion in the quest for work you love Newport, Cal650.1 NEW/SOG
23384The law of success: In sixteen lessons Hill Napolean650.1 HIL/LAW
23390Easy money: Book 1 Kaul, Vivek332.49 KAU/EAS (1)
23391Easy money: Book 2 Kaul, Vivek332.49 KAU/EAS (2)
23392Easy money: Book 3 Kaul, Vivek332.49 KAU/EAS (3)
23406Decisive: How to make better decisions in life and work Heath, Chip153.83 HEA/DEC
23426The Marwaries: From Jagat seth to the Birlas Timberg, Thomas381.0954 TIM/MAR
23427Rokda: How Baniyas do business Inamdar, Nikhil338.0409225 INA/ROK
23432Barons of banking: Glimpses of Indian banking history Dadobhoy, Bakhtikar K.332.10954 DAD/BAR
23435The history of money Weatherford, Jack332.49 WEA/HIS
23446Arthashastra: The science of wealth Trautmann, Thomas R.330.0954 TRA/ART
23447The world of the Tamil merchants: Pioneers of international trade Mukund, Kanakalatha330.95482 MUK/WOR
23819Poor economics: Rethinking poverty and the way to end it Banerjee, Abhijit339.46091724 BAN/POO
23821The power of your subconscious mind Murphy, Joseph154.2 MUR/POW
23901No excuses: The power of self-discipline Tracy, Brain158.1 TRA/NO
23923How gujaratis do business: Dhandha Bondre, Shobha338.04095475 BON/HOW
23924How baniyas do business: Rokda Inamdar, Nikhil338.04092254 INA/HOW
23925How sindhis do business: Paiso Bathija, Maya338.092254 BAT/HOW
24095The cheaklist manifesto: How to get things right Gawande, Atul362.10685 GAW/CHE
24988The almanac of Naval Ravikant Jorgenson, Eric158.1 JOR/ALM
24989The joys of compounding: The passionate pursuit of lifelong learning Baid, Gautam332.6 BAI/JOY
24990Deep work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world Newport, Cal650.1 NEW/DEE
25005The dhandho investorPabrai, Mohnish332.6 PAB/DHA
25106Patriotism in action: Goans in India's defence servicesFaleiro, Valmiki355.009225478 FAL/PAT
25109Undo it: How simple lifestyle changes can reverse most chronic diseasesOrnish, Dean 616.044 ORN/UND
1478Batatyachi chalDeshpande, P.L.M 891.462 DES/BET
3983Natak basate aheShirwadkar, V.V.M 891.462 SHI/NAT
5710B.B. Borkar: Vyakti ani vangmayaSardesai, ManoharM 923 SAR/BOR
23037Teesri GhantaToradmal, MadhukarM 920 TOR/TEE
2553CarmelinMauzo, DamodarK 891.4692/ K MAV/RUM
4901Goa - 50 Varssau Fatlen:Part ISardesai, MahabaleshwarK 954.799 SAR/GOA
2578Aalshank wag khataloNaik, PundalikK 891.4692 NAI/AAL
4428Eka vicharachi jivit kathaKelekar, RavindraK 923 KEL/EKA